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It is the use of children in these factories that have caused human rights protestors to express their dissatisfaction in the way that the goods that they buy are produced. They cite ethical repugnancy on the part of American businesses for having to use children to make their products. The thing is though as explained earlier these children play an important role for their families as breadwinners, while for most people $5 may not seem a lot for those families that rely on their children to work in factories it could mean the difference between survival and starvation.

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Most of the people who protest are from the Western world as such they have yet to experience the sheer amount of hardship that people it less developed countries have to endure in order to live. If you take away the children from the factories you take away an important source of income for the families that rely on them to live. The price of consumer satisfaction It is a well known fact that consumers when presented with a choice between two identical products of equal quality yet one is much cheaper than the other the consumer will most likely buy the cheaper version.

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This is the driving principle behind the use of third party companies to create products for retailers in the U. S. With consumers questioning the ethics behind the use of child workers the companies that are being complained to would as a result have to increase the price of their goods due to the need to hire more expensive forms of labor. As a result of this people would then complain as to why there was a price increase and would then refuse to buy the product because they want it at the price it was at before. The thing is though they want a cheap product with the company using a more expensive form of production.

It is obvious that there is no possible way for this particular business model to work so in order to comply with the majority of consumers instead of the minority that complain most companies choose to stick to the practices the thing is thought they just use better ways to hide wherein they don’t appear complicit to any wrongdoing. Conclusion While the use of child labor may be a repugnant idea to most it is actually creates a better way of life for families of these children. The wages that are paid to these children are at times much higher than the going wages in the different industries present in lesser developed countries.

To an extent retailers who use child labor can be said to be doing these children a favor by giving their families a way to survive. Not only that but it is the continued demand of Western consumers for cheap high quality products that has caused this practice to continue onto this day. So long as there is a demand for cheap methods of manufacturing then the child labor will probably continue to occur in one form or the other.

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