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Australia being the world champion in cricket, people have a craze to play domestic cricket as well and they take part in domestic cricket tournaments through out the year, thus manufacturers have a high turnover of inventory in this category of sports equipment and tools. As far as Olympics is concerned, Australia also takes part in Olympics every where, be it normal athletics or disabled category, Australian professionals represent Australian on all fronts (Heywood, 2003).

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Thus if we take example of archery for instance, both disabled and able professionals need different types of technical equipment where the company is intending to invest to develop their market. Therefore Australia over all is an attractive market for manufacturers to market their products and increase customer base. Physical and Demographic factor Being a nation which loves sports, Australian people are well built and are athletic as well that enables them to play the sport professionally, thus this is a huge factor for them to play sports and demand for sporting equipment through out the year.

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the population distribution of Australia with respect to age makes quite a bell shaped curve which means that equal proportion of population are in below maturity and in old age segment, whereas most of the population is young and have the capabilities to indulge in sporting activities. We know that the higher the percentage of population is young, the higher will be the percentage of those who play sports, thus higher will be the demand for sporting equipments.

Legal and Economic Profile Australia is a developed country with most of the population earning above the poverty line and enjoying a good standard of living. This means that they work at good institutions, earn well, eat well and then they also spend well on leisure time. Australian economy is strong and systematic with government intervention in daily market factors in order to ensure that transparency is maintained while giving every one equal opportunity to their business.

Therefore, the company can easily get permit from the Australian government and then compete with the existing players on the equal grounds without any legal issues and hurdles in its way. The company might have to take care of some legal requirements for corporate social responsibility and management essentials that include no racial and gender discrimination in order to maintain the healthy corporate environment in Australia.

As the company is basically based in the UK therefore it knows quite a lot about the social and legal responsibilities of a company from a legal eye and the company will not face any problems of this sort while operating in Australia (Bilas, 1999). Also, as Australia has been one of the colonies of UK, therefore, still to date, a number of legal requirements that are put forth by the government for any investor are most or less the same as in UK, thus, the company would not take time to adjust to these legal requirements as well.

Being a developed economy, people of Australia have the purchasing power to buy expensive luxury brands as well along with normal priced sporting material, thus the company would not have any problem in finding potential customers in light of who actually can pay for the equipment because most of the population can actually afford the products that already marketed in UK. Also, favorable economic environment will provide opportunities for the company to expand its business by further investing in the country because the market has the potential to earn higher profits for the company.

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