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We, as the Local Conservation Group, would like to vent our anger and sheer disgust that such an idea of the quarry extension has even been proposed. We would like to take a few minutes of your time to explain the terrifying consequences that an extension could inflict on the surrounding area, which has already suffered much grief because of the quarry.

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Firstly, we do not feel that it is fair towards the people of Britain as a whole should be deprived of the beautifully picturesque land of the area. After all, this region was made into a National Park because it had, and still has, some of the most stunning scenery in the country. No matter what Limeco Ltd say, quarrying undeniably permanently changes the landscape. We think that the land here ought to be kept natural and beautiful for everyone to enjoy, especially as the company has a large-enough quarry here at present.

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Secondly, quarries cause vast amounts of unwanted pollution and harm the local environment. Dust causes air pollution; noise and vibrations affect wildlife and buildings; the train service causes noise and air pollution; grass and trees where wildlife used to live is lost; farmland and vegetation is lost, and the ugly machinery spoils the scenery. The air pollution causes acid rain and the greenhouse effect, and our local GP has informed us that our chances of suffering from illnesses such as asthma has increased by about 50%. The considerable noise pollution, meanwhile, is really unbearable – for the animals as well as the inhabitants. All of this is totally unacceptable, as we are sure you will agree.

Thirdly, we are extremely concerned that the location on which the quarry is now located will not be restored to anything resembling its previous luscious state. After extensive research, we have reached the conclusion that companies such as Limeco Ltd often will be looking for the cheapest method of restoring the site. We strongly think that the disused quarry must blend in with the surrounding breathtaking landscape. Before any further quarrying begins, we feel that it is the company’s duty to produce a detailed a wholly acceptable restoration plan, as planning is the key in such matters. For example, the planting of trees to screen the hideous site needs to be planned about 30 years ahead. Moreover, the restoration must be done properly – the disused quarry cannot be used as a makeshift waste tip!

If permission is indeed allowed, the quarry face must be shallow. Towards the end of the life of the quarry, the face should be left so that it will weather to look like a natural cliff, thus compensating somewhat for the ugly results of quarrying. Ledges and screes must be left; these will effectively give opportunities for plant colonization, and go towards restoring the place in the future. May we remind you that the ‘Silkin Test’ specifically states that all quarry companies must “guarantee to restore the site after use”. We will, of course, take the necessary further action should this demand not be materialised by Limeco Ltd.

Overall, we do not consider our demands to be excessive or even great. We are simply acting on the behalf of the people of Britain and opposing the frankly ridiculous plan to expand an already large eyesore and source of pollution.

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