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I’m decided to use content analysis. Content analysis is the analysis of communication, in this case the portrayal of the physically challenged in films. Since the media comes ready made it’s easy to gain access to the broadcast relevant to the study, this makes it cheap to build up your sample. This method is good because it is a more objective method, although it could be open to some prejudice or bias. Why I chose to use the method of content analysis as a pose to a survey is because if you conduct a survey there would be complications with what the participent thinks the stereotypes are.

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They also might not recall any films representing physically challenged people, so hopefully I have chosen the right method for my study. It is essential that the categories are precisely defined to minimize bias resulting from the judgments of different researchers. I will create a set of categories using the definitions from context two. Defining the portrayal of the physically challenged as the pitiful handicapped, the bitter cripple, the inspirational hero and the dress setter.

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Lower sixth students are to be given these categorised sheets, carefully detailing what they have to do, a recording table and a detailed but brief account of the four stereotypes. They are to be asked that whenever they watch a film, during the period of three months would they please take note as to whether there is or isn’t a physically challenged person/persons in the film, and to record what kind of stereotype if applicable they represent.

To try to limit bias I will ask the researchers to record the person’s disability to make sure that they have recorded data relevant to the study. The process produces quantative data, which can then be processed and analysed statistically. Our population are physically challenged people in films, our sampling frame is all films and my sampling unit is all films watched. The four stereotypes, which are to be recorded, are pitiful handicapped, bitter cripple, inspirational hero and set dressing.

It is imperative that this pilot study is carried out because we need to know whether the research sheets are worded correctly and clearly. Therefore, it might be beneficial to ask the participants to express their views and reservations about the study. The importance of this stage is immense, because if there were any problems it would be unlikely that the study could be done again.

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