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The task is to make an eco friendly rain forest where every one that live, works and uses the rain forests in their every day life. We have to exploit and conserve the rain and rain forest so the controversy over this land can be concluded. I have been given the task to, as the consuplan, an international planning consultancy company, to devise a development plan for the Brazilian state, Roraima. The government would like to see Roraima developed. This will mean that areas of the rain forest will have to be exploited and some will be conserved.

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Some facts about Roraima are:

* 85% of the state is covered in rain forest.

* It is about half the size of the United Kingdom.

* Roraima’s population is 350,000 and the state capital, Boa Vista, consists of half that population.

* Gold was discovered there in 1988 and this led to a gold rush.

* The Yanomami Indians live in the rain forest and have a large intension to keep the rain forest.


The main priority of this development plan is to investigate economic activities and consider how they would effect the rian forest and the local people and to investigate any eco friendly economic activities. There is a lot of controversy over the rain forest and how the land should be used. We will create some of the many economical activities; these are:

* A dam is being built.

* 3 new towns are being built

* 4 areas for cattle ranching, gold mining, logging and reserved rain forest. The logging has been separated to give more people an equal job opportunity.

* 3 areas have been used in the reserved rain forest for picking of fruit and rubber.

* There is an area in the reserved rain forest, for tourists to see the rain forest.

I have split the 4 main areas up (gold mining, cattle ranching, reserved rain forest and logging.)


The size of the mining area is big because we will be flooding part of the land to put a dam there this area is found in the north west of the state; it is approximately 200km by 100 km. I have chosen this economic activity because gold is very expensive and if we are able to teach people how to process this material we can sell it from our own country instead of selling the raw material and buying the processed good back at a more expensive price.


There will be 4 separate areas for logging. This is so the people of the towns can get an equal opportunity of a some of the money and the trade can be passed on like it has for generations. In the logging area there will be a part for the processing of raw materials so we can sell our product from our own country this will create more jobs and more trade which will bring more money in to the state. Logging areas runs manly along the roads that run though the cities. Logging is good because we can use the same land over and over again. We can do this by working in certain areas then moving into the other areas that have been chosen in thins time we can fertilise the ground and then plant more trees and keep repeating this process over and over again.


The cattle ranching will be on the east side of the state and is approximately 75km by 400km. This land will be used over and over again so we don’t have to move around. We are going to do this by only using some of the area given then fertilising the ground that has been used. We will also sell the cattle with in our own country and use the money. This will create more jobs.


The biggest are of land is the reserved rain forest. This area is found in the south of the state. It is approximately 200km by 200km. Within this area there are 3 sections for fruit picking and rubber collecting. There is also an area within the reserved rain forest for tourists just so they can see the rain forest in its natural state. This area is only 50km by 25km and is close to the road for easy access. The tourists will also bring money to the country and the money will be put in to the conservation of the rain forest. It is important to save that rain forest for the future because it is a home for many animals and the Yanomami Indians live here. It isn’t right to take away what they have developed into and became a part of the rain forest.


There are 3 new towns that will be created; they are being placed around the state capital to reduce the population in Boa Vista. The 3 new towns will hold at least 50,000 people each and I placed them, 1 next to the mining area, 1 next to the cattle ranches and 1 in the area given for logging. This will also create jobs with in the cities, which will bring more money into the state.


The main roads run from left to right and up though Boa Vista. The roads will be able to provide access to all new and old places within the state.


The dam will power all of the new towns. The dam will power all new metal works factories, it is the newest source of power and we will use it to its full potential. I chose to have this type of power supply because it is most clean and doesn’t effect to much of the surrounding land.


The plan will get rid of some of the rain forest, which will course some controversy, but with time it will be a better conserver of the land. I hope the reserved rain will last forever. I have exploited most of the rain forest, at least 40% of the rain forest. But we will be conserving the other 60%. There are many facts, figures, people, land and a lot of controversy over the rain forest and who owns it. But I hope this plan will be under way soon and I hope it does the main aspect of the plan

There is a lot of information to take in to account for this development plan almost too much but some thing has to be done to conserve the rain forest as well as exploit it. The rain forest will not last long with the needs and wants of today’s society.

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