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Currys. digital is the leading retailer of electrical products in UK and Ireland. It is a subsidiary of DSG International plc and an extension to Currys. It specializes in high tech electrical items such as cameras, personal computers, audio and video equipment. Before April 2006, Currys. digital was Dixion. Thus Currys. digital is a re brand of Dixion and have 550 stores in high street and out of town locations (DSGi plc 2008). This paper gives marketing analysis of Currys.

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digital and recognizes its good position in electrical retail business after Dixion was disbanded because of some allegations. Currys. digital is successful due to its diverse network of stores, distribution centers and efficient online shopping. Although financial crisis has slowed down the commercial activity but it is a systematic risk affecting every sector of the economy and Currys. digital is very active to recover the slow sales. There is a great potential for expanding in Asian markets as it is not matured yet but some competition lies from Chinese and Japanese retailers.

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However it can fully benefit out of the digital switchover process occurring in UK. Also the social and lifestyle changes are in favor of it as people are more inclined towards portable, safe and environmental friendly electronic products. In the last, some strategies and recommendation are proposed to tackle its weaknesses and threats and turn them into strength and opportunities for long term sustainability and survival. Strengths Currys. digital is one of the leading consumer electrical products retailers in Europe.

It is a very strong brand name and enjoys a good reputation among customers. This is a reason for its success in electrical products retailing business and has maintained a continuous growth in its sales. Currys. digital also has very diverse and efficient distribution network. It actually follows two distribution routes. The first is through Home Delivery Centers which are present at different parts of UK. Their stocks are filled by two main stock centers called Hubs which are based in Newark and Bristol.

These Home Delivery Centers focuses mainly in supplying large electrical products to the customers (Drummond, Ensor & Ashford 2007). For the supply of smaller items, it uses the second route of Customer Distribution Centers. It uses efficient third party freight facility to supply directly to customers. Moreover there is also a widely distributed network of small stores which are then supplied by Customer Distribution Centers and Regional Distribution Centers located in Newark and Bristol (Drummond, Ensor & Ashford 2007).

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