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Attitude can be described as a hypothetical construct representing personal likes and dislikes. They can be positive, negative or neutral. As the company products in the market, it has to ensure that its products have ensured positive impact to the customers to have a market share. Gucci winter women pulses have maintained positive impact to the consumers as they keep on advancing and developing their quality and models. The production of different sizes and prices has ensured that all prospective buyers regardless of the financial class can afford a pulse from the company.

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Through the maintaining of the positive attitude, the company has attracted the Maslow’s law by focusing on the three hierarchies of needs by the consumers. By the believe that Gucci pulse are the most respected and of high class by most consumers, it has given a positive impact to the company for every one want to show that she have a pulse from Gucci that on the other hand increases the sales of the pulses for social status. On the other hand, self esteem has increased the sales of the pulses because every one straggle to have the high end pulse that on the other hand increases the sales of the Gucci pulses.

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As it is believed that Gucci’s pulses are of high class, most consumers opt to purchase the pulse for self actualization. This has helped in increasing the sales of the products therefore boosting the company’s profit. (Susan, 2007, Eagly, 1995) Change in attitude The change in attitude may occur in two ways. It may occur either from positive to negative of from negative to positive. This would depend on how the product is fairing in the market.

If the company is able to convince more people to buy their products, this will enable them change the perspective of the market therefore increasing. When the consumers changes their attitude towards the company’s products from positive to negative, its likely to change the company’s profit margin for it would loose the customers. (Eagly, 1995)


Eagly, A. (1995) Attitude strength, attitude structure and resistance to change. NJ: Erlbaum. (pp. 413-432). Susan, Y. (2007) “The most expensive Jeans” Forbes magazine, Retrieved on 13th October 2008

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