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The social background of a child can have an affect on violent behaviour, men who have grown up without a maternal figure are significantly more likely to assault women. A well as that when parents have fights in front of their children they will imitate as they believe that the fact that their parents are doing that it makes it all right, parental influence on children is key affecting whether that child grows up to be violent. These days juries will not accept the media as the blame for a youth’s violent act, they will look to the youth’s background and their parents.

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A child’s upbringing is key into how the child will eventually turn out as they are easily traumatised and emotionally scarred and this can have repercussions in the future. As a teenager you become more mature and realise the consequences of your action, when they see a violent computer game they make a choice on whether they like it, this can be affected by advertising but not so much, however they are making a conscious decisions on whether they would like to play a violent game.

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Though they can also be attracted by what they cannot have, for example a thirteen year old boy wants a game designed for over eighteens, as well as that there is a element of peer pressure, if all their friends has their game they will want to be part of the group. Yet in the end it is their choice. While not yet scientifically proven it is believed there are genes that dictate your personality of whether you are good or evil, people have been born with violent tendencies, or grown up to become rapists and murders.

Why did the choose to do such things, impulse, the thrill of the power over life or death, the control over another person, but why do they have such thoughts and why do they act on them? For some in can be explained by background, bit for others such things can happen completely out of character which is where the idea of having evil in your genes comes from.

Human history is littered with violence, from the gladiators of the Roman coliseums, to the cage fighting in a Manchester arena, then there is war, even now we do not leave in a time of peace, perhaps we are a violent species. It also part of our culture, there are gang wars, hooliganism, cage fighting, people are not shocked by these things, plenty of people are shown to enjoy violence. The sport boxing is about punching another person with the aim of knocking him out, it is a violent sport, violence is in football and rugby.

The media just want s to appeal to the masses, for video game makers and movie companies know what there market is, and there is one for violence and depravity such as the film series of Saw, Reservoir dogs, Hostel,. The film Reservoir dogs depicts torture, however the game has recently been banned in Australia which is the right approach. Whatever the opinion on whether the media causes violence in society, people do buy into it and it shows what sort of society we live in.

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