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The organization that I have chosen and wish to use for my study is “The Fun drive Company” which was established in the year 1987. It has been running successfully all over the U. A. E. The company deals with spare parts, tyres and batteries. It has earned the reputation of being one of the best companies in the U. A. E. It has its warehouse in Jumeriah and its office is in Deira, Muraqqabat Street. The Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director manage the company.

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There are three departments in the company and there are different managers appointed by the C. E. O to manage the Purchases Department, the sales department and the Stock Department. Each of these departments have 20 employees working under them. The organization was a Private Limited Company initially but recently it converted into a Public Limited Company. The C. E. O has delegated certain tasks to the employees that is given them a certain authority to perform particular tasks. Working Of The Existing System.

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The company purchases its stock from its wholesalers who in return send the company a Performa invoice stating the quantity of the stock and the price, the company accepts the invoice and also informs the wholesalers about their method of payment i. e. T. T. or L. C. The stock is then delivered to the company and is stored in the warehouse. When a dealer requires goods it places an order to “The Fun Drive Company” through fax or phone. In special cases the company sends its salesman over to the dealers and the salesman gives the dealer a form containing details of the goods provided by the company.

Forms are typed out, with a help of a typewriter, and these forms are sent, through fax to the dealers who have placed their orders. The dealers then fill out the form, which inquires about their name, address, and contact number, quantity of items required and their method of payment whether by cash or cheque. After the dealer has filled the form it is faxed back to the company and the company retains these forms for further reference and security reasons.

These forms are also retained as records of the dealer so that if the dealer orders again from the company his past dealings with the company can be looked up for assurance of authenticity. After the dealer has confirmed the order a delivery van is sent to the dealer with the dealers good and an invoice stating the total cost of the goods. The dealer then signs the invoice and pays for the goods ordered. If the payment is made by cheque it is transferred directly to the company’s bank account. There are many departments in the company such as the Purchases, the Sales and Stock departments, which work manually.

There are several tasks to be performed in the organization. There are many ledgers maintained which consist of the information about the stock in hand, the expenditure of the company and the supplier’s information. There is a large number of staff assigned to perform particular tasks. For the purchases department the employees’ record information about the item required, quantity, date of purchase, the price and the item code. This information is delivered to the suppliers who in return supply these goods to us. The records of the suppliers and the item details are recorded in the ledgers under different categories.

The stock report is checked for stock and if it goes below the re-order level more stock is purchased from the wholesaler. The Sales Department stores data on the items purchased by customers. It stores the customers’ id, name e. t. c. If the customer is a regular and loyal customer he is give a certain percentage of discount and his purchases are recorded with the required data in his respective files. Problems with the existing system The system of work in “The Fun Drive Company” is the conventional manual system, which is considered a primitive mode of work especially as we advance towards the 21st century.

In this system there are many people hired to take care of every aspect of the work done. Due to the present system there are many problems encountered. The employees require a lot of time to hand write all the details of the dealers and suppliers into the ledgers. They have to work over time to verify the data entered A lot of staff is also required to enter data in the ledgers and this results to a lot of confusion as “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth”. A lot of time and energy is wasted looking up previous records of the dealers.

As efficiency was the top priority of the company it is now being reduced because the employees are unable to cope up with the pressures of the work. Thus this reduces employees’ motivation and job satisfaction. As the system is badly organized it is affected economically and financially. Also a lot of errors are also made during data entry and this may result in unnecessary confusion and problems, especially when payments are made this may cause a dent to the company’s public relations. Also a lot of storage space is required to hold the numerous ledgers containing information about suppliers and the dealers.

Methods of improving the existing system Without any major changes to the system certain modifications can improve the working system and jobs can be done Funer, and solutions to the problems of staff members can be overcome. The existing system could be improvised by the following ways: Division Of Lab our There could be division of lab our as each staff member can specialize on one particular task rather than doing different tasks and wasting time.  More Staff Could Be Employed If there are more people employed the workload may decrease. Fewer errors would be made.

This would mean that additional staff would make the entering of data easier; less time would be wasted on entering data.  Cabinets Could Be provided Cabinets could be made to help store the many records. The files can be sorted in a more organized way. This would make it easier to locate previous records of the dealers. Less time would be wasted in searching for the past records.  Computerization Computerization would be very helpful to the organization because it reduces the workload. It is also very effective and makes a lot of tasks easier to do.

With the help of computerization the information about suppliers and dealers would be stored in a more organized manner. If the organization is computerized additional staff would not be required and there wouldn’t be any need to increase the company’s expenditure by fixing up cabinets. A lot of data can be stored onto discs and floppies. Copies of forms and invoice can be done quickly with the help of computers as when done manually it took a lot of time. Forms can be printed this would decrease the workload. The best solution to solve these problems is by introducing a computerized system in the company.

Even considering this solution there are two options to help with tasks that are performed in the organization. One option would be for the company to invest in a tailor made software. This is a program that is specially designed to solve the problems in “The Fun Drive Company” It would be a perfect application but there is a negative side to this as well and that is that the solution is quite expensive. Therefore the next best option would be for the company to purchase a ready made package such as the Microsoft Access. The different programs that would be available in this software are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft word is a word processor and so is helpful for designing documents it is also appropriate for carrying out simple calculations it can also be used to make tables. Microsoft word consists of various options and tools that can be helpful in organizing the data. Microsoft Excel can be used for analyzing information, manages lists in spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel can be used to create formulas so that you don’t have to keep on finding solutions to the questions repeatedly. Information is recorded in rows and columns, which make the data more organized.

Microsoft Access provides features to create new tables right from scratch as suitable to the application . It also support the display of data as a form to show it in a form of more clarity. This database package provides tables, queries, forms and charts. It is package suitable for designing documents. User Objectives /RequirementsForms could be made from the data stored on tables.  Queries could be generated from forms as well as tables.

Reports could be made from the tables, queries and forms. Data could be printed in the form of graphs and bar charts for e. g.the company’s net profit could be shown on graphs.  Sales and Purchases reports could be prepared.  Raising invoices when sales are made by the Sales Department.

Summary Reports can be prepared easily with the help of the computers. Large amounts of information such as the supplier’s information, dealer’s information could be stored on tables rather than maintaining numerous ledgers. To help the “Fun Drive Company” in making it computerized I suggest the use of Microsoft Access which is included in the Microsoft Office Package. The operating system used to run Microsoft Office is Windows 2000.

Microsoft DOS cannot be used to run the package because it doesn’t have a graphical user interface. Macintosh is another operating system but it cannot be used to run Microsoft Office because it is mainly used for advertisement purposes. Windows 2000 is easy to use. It is extremely user friendly and it has a graphical user interface. The following are the packages in the MS Office  Microsoft Word  Microsoft Access  Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word is a word processor and is mainly used to create documents and to carry out simple calculations.

Microsoft Power Point is only used for presentation purposes. Microsoft Excel is mainly used for calculating wages and is referred to as a spreadsheet. It is a package used for carrying out complex calculations. Therefore I suggest the use of Microsoft Access, which is a database package, as it is suitable for designing documents . It is appropriate for creating files or tables in which related data can be store. Microsoft Access has several features, which make it extremely user friendly and simple to use. The staff would not have to be trained to use the software, as it only requires basic computing skills.

There are tables, queries, forms that could be created by the user. This would be useful for the company because it would make the work easier for the staff. This software can also be useful to write details about the owners, managers and the staff. Microsoft Access provides features to create tables and apply validation rules and format of data entry as suitable to the application. It also supports the display of data as a form to show it in a form of more clarity. The ‘Cut’ and ‘paste’ feature helps to insert a logo or a picture into the form to make it appear more professional.

The most convenient features are the ‘Save’ and ‘Open’ functions which allow to save the data in Ms Access and retrieve the data when required. The ‘Print’ feature enables the user to obtain a hard copy of the data that is displayed in a form of a table. This software is ideal to use in the company, where storing of data in an easy way is required. The problem in the working of the company as I have mentioned before is the manual system, which gives rise to a lot of errors. The objective of the use of the computer is to reduce wastage of time, effort, paper and space.

Since there are various documents to be generated, their contents would vary so the necessary data has to be obtained. In the company a lot of work has to be done. These include calculating wages of the employees, updating of employees details. If all these calculations and records are done manually then mistakes can be made. Doing all these things on the computer system will not even take quarter of the time. By using this software the company will be able to produce records and databases about customers and suppliers quickly and accurately. This will also enable them to become more efficient.

Microsoft Access has many options and they are as follows: > A report is an effective way to present data in a printed format. Because you have control over the size and appearance of everything on a report, you can display the information you want to see. Most of the information in a report comes form an underlying table, query which is the source of the reports data. Other information in the report is stored in the report’s design. You use queries to view, change and analyze data in different ways. You can also use them as the source of records for forms and reports. The most common type of query is a select query.

A select query retrieves data from one or more tables using criteria you specify and then display it in the order you want.  You can use forms for a variety of purposes. Most of the information in a form comes from an underlying record source. Other information in the form is stored in the form’s design. This software is ideal to use in the Purchases, Sales and Stock Departments of the “Fun Drive Company” as it makes the task of calculations very easy. The software makes it easy to produce outputs with adequate features.

The hardware components used for the computer are: Pentium 4  2.40 GHz > 512 MB DDR RAM  80 GB HDD  CDRW  56K Fax ModemLAN  17inch CRT Monitor HP 845C Printer  Scanner I think that this computer would be very useful to the “Fun Drive Company” because the large hard disc capacity would enable the storing of large volumes of data. Pentium 4 is a Fun processor and has more memory capacity. The CD ROM is needed for making backups of data. Any Data could be retrieved quickly. It’s an ink jet printer, which prints documents very Fun. The Data Flow diagram of the checking of stock in the company for the ordering of tyres, batteries and spare parts.

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