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One may think that women and men receive the same privileges and are looked at as equals in today’s society. They may state, “We were brought into this world in the beginning as equal because God gave us both a man and a woman, so there is clearly no sexism in this world today. ” Yes, Adam and Eve were created as the Bible states; however, the primary thought that a man dominates a woman comes primarily from this. God created Adam first, and then ordered Adam to create a woman.

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To do this, Adam used one of his ribs to conjure up an opposite sex. Men in today’s society feel they are more prominant and more powerful because a woman would not exist if a man was not there to create her. The superiority represented by this has amplified significantly to the point where women are apparently completely dependent on a male and a woman’s role in society has been diminished to the weaker, less complicated tasks.

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If sexism did not exist, there would be a consensual understanding that the sexes dissociate periodically due to separate spaces, rituals, groups, but “they also come together and are, in crucial ways, part of the same world” (Thorne 155). Sexism is not static, but is a variable and complicated process and very much still exists in our world today. Women receive unfair assumptions concerning personal areas of strength and weakness by the stereotypical views that fuel the ongoing sexist attitude in society.

Whether these statements rest on factual resources or not still does not change the sole fact that women do not always have the opportunity to provide their input and clarify the misunderstandings men organize through the subconscious necessity for dominance. Instead of the friendly smile greeting Martha and encouraging her to pursue the ordinary, maybe a friendly nudge toward the unfamiliar would better suit our society because it is ignorance that fuels conventional views.

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