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Studying the behavior and character of individuals in an organization is what is called organizational behavior. The manager of any successful business organization must undertake this study for the advantage of the organization, this is because this way he is be able to understand why some people do things the way they way they do. People are unique creatures and may approach things differently. This way, the manager will create a good relationship with the employees, and work flow shall be smooth. A company should work together for good results.

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Each department and persons in the organization need each other for the work to be done effectively and efficiently. No one can manage on their own as long as they are a company. The effort of one person is required by another to do well. In this paper, I am going to discuss the reasons why it is important for the manager of a business to understand individual behavior, and the aspects of personality. Aspects of personality 1. Extroversion – these kinds of people are very social among people, assertive and outspoken.

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People are able to know what they think even without asking, and are most of the time easy to work with, compared to introverts. 2. Agreeableness – they are warm people, they cooperate with other people in doing duties and are agreeable. These are people who are not too opposing to ideas; they agree with the other people easily and are easy to work with. 3. Conscientiousness – these are responsible people, dependent and also organized. They do their things in order, and mostly self confident with a high self esteem because they understand well what they are doing, and do not rely on anyone to go about their duties. 4.

Emotional stability – they are termed to be calm, secure and self confident. They do not rush to do things but are calm to situations that may be emotional. They are composed and are likely to make sober decisions. 5. Openness to experience – these people are creative, intellectual and curious. They are adventurous and like t learn new things that will challenge their brains. They are open to new experiences. How Cognitive Dissonance impacts the functioning of an organization. When a person is having two ideas at the same time, they are unsure and may have an uncomfortable feeling, which may be called cognitive dissonance.

These kinds of ideas may be of attitudes or beliefs or a person’s character or behavior. Self belief in a person gives them motivation. Managers should be able to match the personality of an employees to the kind of work they are given. Their attitude toward the kind of job they are supposed to do, and cognitive dissonance that makes one do things because they believe it is the right thing to do or not to do. Managers may use the job description to look at the problems that may be facing the employee, for example pay, promotion, relation with others, the work itself, among others.

The employer should be able to accept the employees as individuals. Treat each of them as an individual, because they possess different capabilities, perceptions and even are of different personalities that make them who they are, which reflects their performance in the work place. Individuals with a low self esteem are not likely to perform better, compared to people with high esteem in their work or in what they do. Those with high esteem are confident of what they do are do it better, thus better results in the work place. Some employees have internal Locus of control while others have the external one.

Those that have the internal one are more independent, use information correctly, better performance of duties, satisfied by their jobs, easily motivated and may take higher risks, compared to the external Locus of control. Managers of an organization should be aware that the level of their being authoritative, determines how their employees are going to react on it. In may be nicely or not well at all. Managers should be aware of the different kind of people we have: the introverts, thinkers, judgers, perceivers, feelers, extroverts, sensors and intuitors. These groups of people act differently to situations.

Introverts are independent, but avoid others, extroverts less independent and like change frequently, sensors easily sense things to happen, thinkers are analytical, perceivers see all sides of things, judgers control, while intuitors see overall possibilities. An organization surely needs all these kind of people, and business will do great. Managers should encourage teamwork amongst the workers for better outputs in the business. If every person works as an individual and is not willing to inquire from the fellow employees, it is not good for the business because mistakes are likely to occur and may cost the business a lot.

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