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Organizational behavior is about understanding, monitoring and controlling human behavior in workplaces especially where there are many employees viz. , banks, hotels, restaurants, industries, factories and other corporate offices.

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It is very important to exercise discipline and order in workplaces as the motive and objective of organizations is to run offices and businesses, and in this process employees are the key source for development and in this context, efficient employees deliver quality work while the internal and external environment of an organization must be quite professional in every manner whether it is conversation, performance of tasks, meetings or social gatherings. Human resource theory emphasis is on management of workforce which has several stages in monitoring viz.

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, employee performance, group tasks, control of workers, fulfilling needs of employees are some of the responsibilities of a manager in organizational behavior which always works on a goal-setting and problem-solving which is termed as Theory Y. Manager are also encouraged to get trained technically, practically and conceptually in order to promote organizational effectiveness. The efficiency of a manager is revealed when human assets are utilized to the fullest and to the best in the interest of an organization considering the strengths of each employee.

All employees are not capable of handlings tasks in the same manner as a manager expects whereas each employee has to be identified with certain skills, knowledge and strengths and tasks have to be given in the area of strength only and not beyond which leads to poor quality of performance by employee. Organizational behavior must be practiced by all the employees of an organization in complying with rules and procedures of a company.

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