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The aim of furthering my studies and taking a University of Seattle MBA degree in Financial Management is so that I can achieve my career aspirations. I want to be a senior person in the organization that I would like to work with. This will require me to do a masters degree program to enable me become competent. The contemporary world is filled with many scholars who have a first degree from various universities. There is therefore a huge competition in the job market. It thus requires one to have an added academic advantage. This will mean that I will not struggle finding the job of my choice.

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After completing my masters degree program, I will also enroll for a PhD program immediately in the same field of study. This is because I do not want to waste any time because my plan is to finish the learning program when my mind is still fresh before it has been interfered with by other things in the outside environment. After I complete my studies, I will venture into the job market where I will desire to be a financial controller of a big company and I know my dreams will come true. I have some basic information about organization behavior from my previous educational as well as wok-related exposure.

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For example, I know that the organization’s employees should be well motivated so that they can increase the performance of the organization. In addition, employees must also be frequently trained due to the changes of technology which can appear any time since we are in the computer era. On the other hand, an organization should have norms, rules and guide lines detailing how the workers need to conduct themselves when they are in the organization. I will thus build up my knowledge through pursuing the MBA degree.

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