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I will now be analysing and carefully looking at the Park and Ride and the Bus station. Park and Ride and Bus station To get all the necessary information I’ve got I firstly had to approach members of the public. I asked them prepared consisted questions, so that I knew information like, where they came from, how long their journey took and how long will they be staying for. After I had asked as many members of the public as possible, I had all the vital information I needed. When I arrived home the data was entered into a computer, so that a whole complete survey was stored on the computer. I was then able to manipulate the spreadsheet to extract the information I would need.

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The strengths of using the questionnaire I used was mainly that it had being used before and has been adapted so that I can get graph answers straight form the questionnaire. The weakness though of it was that I was only at the Park and ride for around about fifth teen minutes, so I was only getting a snapshot of what peoples views of it were. Another weakness was that if I went at another time I would get a different picture. As when I went it was in the morning and the majority where shopping and going to work. But if I went later on it possible wouldn’t be the same. The last weakness of the questionnaire was that when asking people about the cost, some people had a pass or a reduced one.

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The Ray Diagram Ray diagram-looking at the Park and Ride

From looking at the ray diagram it’s clearly obvious that most people using the Park and Ride originated from the north of Nottingham. There were really only two exceptions. The first was the people who came from Derby to use it. There was only one person from Derby using the Park and Ride and their purpose for going was to shop. Maybe that person prefers the Park and Ride rather than the Bus station, or that the Park and Ride might take that person straight to where she wants to be. The rest of the people who travel from Derby use the Bus station. The other exception was Ilkeston, but that was only a little bit south of where the Park and Ride were located.

There were probably much less from the south than the north mainly because the Park and Ride were closer to where they live. There is also two more Park and Ride stations to the south of Nottingham.Using my spreadsheet of information I have been able to show where people travel from in order to get to the Park and Ride and also this also includes the journeys for the public who go to the Bus station. The Ray diagram clearly shows the direction of the journeys into Nottingham on the Park and Ride and Bus station. The reason for me choosing to do a Ray diagram was because it shows the length of journey, the location of places, origin of travel and comparison between bus station and park and ride. But unfortunately the ray diagram doesn’t show frequency. So by looking at it I don’t know how many people have travelled from the same places.

By looking at the graph I can see that most of the journeys of the Park and Ride originated mainly from the north of the city, and the journeys of the bus station originated mainly from the south. This could be because of the location of the respective sites. There were two exceptions for the Park and Ride and seven for the Bus station Reasons for coming to Nottingham graphs The purpose of these graphs are just to show why the users of the Park and Ride and the Bus station come from out of Nottingham to use either of them. The information was gathered from the information spreadsheet, which tells me what each person has come to Nottingham for. The graphs tell me the reasons for coming into Nottingham and the frequency for each reason.

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