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As far as studies go, I am proud to say that I have had the unique opportunity to learn under different educational systems. As such, I am confident in saying that I not only have the training to succeed in this course but also the expertise to stand out. I began my high school education at Korean Kent Foreign School. I entered into this prestigious school after coming back from Australia. The focus of the school was in training the students in English and exposing the local students to foreign cultures through interactions with students from other countries.

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During this period, I was able to get good grades and even managed to impress my peers and my teachers. I fully expected to enter one of the more renowned Universities in Korea after that but the reality of it all was something that I was not fully prepared for. One day, the principal of my high school, Korean Kent Foreign School, asked my parents for a “donation” to ensure my admission at a famous university in Korea. My parents and I were very disappointed at this because we firmly believe in academic integrity.

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We were very disappointed at the school, because I wanted to be accepted at the university through my own talents not by paying to get in. That is why I moved to Canada for my education. The problems did not end there, however, because when I moved to Canada, the Korean Kent Foreign School was featured on the public news. It was regarding the same school principal who asked for blackmail money from most of the students who were about to be accepted to a certain university. Most of students from my former school figured in the scandal and were in danger of losing their chance at becoming students at that university.

Except couple of students who moved out from the school already, everyone else was in trouble. This, however, presented me with a new problem as due to the scandal, many of the records at Korean Kent Foreign School were not available. This was because the government had closed to school pending the investigation into those allegations of blackmail. As such, I had to resume my high school education from the most basic level because the government education center didn’t allow the records from the school.

I tried to get a qualification for high school graduation by taking High School Graduation Equivalency Examination in my country so that I would be able to continue my education. Though it certainly caused a lot of heartache and disappointments at the start, I am glad that this happened because it opened my life up to new experiences and opportunities. This enabled me to go to the United States where I got a chance to begin my higher education at a US University. I then decided that this was going to be the turning point in my life. I am proud to say that I have passed the examinations with the help of private teachers.

Soon enough, I was eligible for the qualification for high school graduation. I then went to Chicago to apply at the ESL program at DuPage College. All in all it was a wonderful experience as I got to see the other educational systems and also I fell in love with everything that America has to offer. A few months later I went back to my country for military service, because it was an obstacle to completing my education plan in the United States. As for my educational future, I plan to finish my military service before starting my education in the United States of America.

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