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The phrase ‘customer satisfaction’ is of immense importance for almost every business organization. Providing customers with the right product/service at the right time at the right price is probably at the heart of every business but often businesses get carried away with short-term financial results which often results in poor customer loyalty and low retention rates in the longer term.

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The new Customer Service Policy formulated and implemented at the Baderman Island of terminating the employee as a result of three negative comments due to poor service can equally have the positive or negative effects on the level of customer satisfaction that is to be achieved. To assess the success or failure of the change in policy would require a three month analysis of the number of employees been terminated due to their poor service. Another measure of gauging the effectiveness of the new policy might also include the resulting attitude and behavior of employees towards the senior management.

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If the termination rate is quite low and employees have exhibited a welcoming attitude, it can be safely assumed that the policy has worked in favor of the organization. Perhaps the most important motive of the new policy was to increase the level of customer satisfaction. The policy setters will have to carefully analyze the non financial measures related to the satisfaction which might include customer retention rates, number of complaints per month and feedback from the customers when they check out.

If, for instance, there has been a decline in the number of complaints or the number of repeated customers is increasing, it can be inferred that Baderman Island is successful in achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction. References Richard Wells (Feb 20, 2007). Hotel Industry: Customer Satisfaction. Articles Base. Retrieved from http://www. articlesbase. com/hotels-articles/hotel-industry-customer- satisfaction-107128. html

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