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Source A it doesn’t say anything about the medical factors that effected the population growth but it does say it was due to cleanliness which is a medical factor, around this time they started to notice that if you were clean disease and germs would not spread as easy.

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In Source B it says that the population growth was due to people not being over worked and also malnutrition and serious diseases where less common. I know that at this time women and young girls where starting to take more care because protection during sex was being introduced at this time. Women were also getting taken care of after birth so fewer women would die from blood loss or infections. I also know that the overworking was stopped because a knew law was introduced which stated that know women where to work and also boys over the age of 12 were not to work and were meant to attend school up until then. Malnutrition was becoming less common because of the railways being introduced and more jobs where open to the community another point that stopped the malnutrition was that all the classes knew about this and began to be more generous with there food.

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In Source C its says that the population growth was helped by better sewage system and water supply, it also says that there were less diseases at a young age so more children where living longer. Doctors and nurses where starting to be felt in the working class this is meaning that doctors and nurses where actually helping the working class community. Before people started to notice this all they did was help them if they had serious injuries and if they had diseases just leave them to die. I know from my own knowledge that this was basically a medical revolution because doctors, nurses and people where becoming more aware of the diseases around them the also knew that cleanliness was an issue that made it easier for diseases to spread.

The evidence in the sources to support the view that medical factors were not a cause of population growth are:

Source A says that it was due to the taxes being reduced so people had more money to spend on themselves it also says it was due to improvement of the water supply. I know at this time they were experimenting with taxes to see what it would do to the working class community so this could have had an effect on the working class community because more money would be available.

In source B it says that a gradual decrease in overwork had an effect on the population growth. I know at this time they were introducing new coal mining laws which stated that no women were to work in the coal mines and also any boys under the age of 12 were to go to a school. This saved a lot of children, there were less children dying of the coal mines collapsing and also disease around the coal mines. So I know this fact to be a true factor.

Source C says that the population was increasing because of the better urban environment which means that the houses where a lot cleaner and also things where a lot more looked after than they were before. The rest of the source talks about the doctors and nurses and the clean water.

Over all, as you can see there is more evidence to support the view that medical factors did have an effect on the population.

5. I agree fully that the population growth between 1830 and 1930 was largely due to medical factors. I would say this because in all the sources I have looked at so far it always has some sore of medical factor in it.

In Source A its says that the improvement of the water supply made the population grow well this was discovered by a someone in the medical profession, I know this because if the water was dirty disease would spread and to clear diseases such as cholera they had to have clean water.

In Source B it says that the improvement in the population was due to gradual decrease in overwork, malnutrition and serious disease in girls. I know for a fact that a lady at this time was introducing protection during sex to clear diseases such as aids. Overworking in this time was being cleared because of new coal mining laws which said that no women were to work and children under the age of 12 had to attend school.

This law made a rapid increase in population because children were being able to live longer and not die because of coal mine diseases or coal mines collapsing. Malnutrition was being investigated by the medical profession because people that were not fed very well were dying of being too weak for there body to battle diseases so people were made known of this. The source also says that schools were getting medical inspections this made a great population increase because children were getting taken better care of and also if the diseases where found they could be cured before anything got really bad or if they were found the child that had the disease could be quarantined away from the other children.

In Source C it says that the population increase was due to less disease at childhood, better sewage and water supply and the efforts of the medical staff where being more noticed in the working class. From my own knowledge I know that less disease in childhood was being battled by the medical profession because they wanted children to live a lot longer than they were living. One of the causes of children living longer was due to them not working in coal mines and also being better educated. I know that diseases such as cholera were trying to be cured at this time and cholera was discovered to be caused by the bad water supply and sewage system so I know I can trust this source. Doctors, nurses and midwives were being more noticed in the work class community because better medical care was being give to them, also the attitude of doctors had changed they were more sympathetic towards diseased patients.

Looking at the evidence I have given you can see that a lot of medical factors helped the population grow. Even the things that were not medical factors where either found due to medical factors or healed due to medical factors. So I am going to stick with my statement at the beginning and say that I fully agree at the medical factors had an effect on the population growth.

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