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Team work is a practice which has became more prevalent in almost all organizations. Interdepartmental teams nowadays are formed to help workers engage their efforts collaboratively in resolving problems, engaging themselves in the long-range planning and also integrating new processes or programs. Cross-functional interdisciplinary teams are often formed in order to bring stake holders together in organization so as to improve efficiency and quality, increase involvement, and improve communication as well as increasing productivity.

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Putting people together to work as team, for them to, listen and understand on every member, consider viewpoints of every member and also to exercise respect and courtesy to one another has been always a challenge. In our today’s society, when cultural diversity in workplaces and schools is common, another challenge has been good communication. Diversity can be defined as specialized term which describes workplace including people of different cultures and backgrounds as well as diverse businesses.

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In many organizations, team work is considered as having competitive advantage more than even strategy applied in the organization, technology used as well as the finance invested. This is because team work is very rare and also powerful. Making all employees in an organization to move in one direction can make it to be a world player and dominate in any industry. How diversity can help in building a powerful team A powerful team should have shared values. The team members should look for values fit in their team. Without this value fit, the employees or team members will not be able to perform to their level best.

Team members have to establish shared values which should have a common goal and commit themselves to achieve their goals (Parker, 2008). Diversity within an organization can help in defining shared values which can be acceptable to every one as well as defining code of behavior within the organization. In developing a powerful team, there is need to have mutual trust within the team members. Mutual trust can be said to be shared beliefs among the members so that they can depend on one another to achieve common goal.

Diversity can enable team members to build an environment of trust since members are allowed to express openly their opinions, doubts and feelings. Team members tend to share ideas and information which is important and since the members are fair and willing to be influenced by one another, diversity of members can enable them to build trust and fulfill every one’s promises (Grean, 2003). Diversity of the members can also enable them to foster enthusiasm which can enable every one in the team to have the potential of performance.

Diversity can also enable members to have strategic alignment and inspiring vision (Caudron, 1994). This can enable members to be motivated as well as providing them a direction. In a socio-technical system or organization, the people in the organization or system usually work well when they understand on how each one fit in the system or in the organization as whole. To meet or exceed the customer satisfaction, the teams in the business need to have inspiration from the corporate vision as well as to follow strategy of the overall organization.

The power of diversity can as well help in building synergies . The team members from different cultures, business, education as well as scientific backgrounds are able to bring different types of flames in reference to a certain problem and spark a dynamic and exciting cross-pollination ideas (LaFasto, & Larson, 2001). Diversity can enable to inspire innovation as well as to enable an organization to have competitive advantage in building a team. This can enable it to have a team which has individuals with core competences and thus building synergies in the team for better productivity.

Diversity can also enable the organization to find on better ways of rewarding the team members or employees. This is because diverse people have different needs and values and also the organization to decide on ways of giving rewards which can be pleasing to every one. The only way which can enable team members to fulfill dream of the organization is by allowing them share in their dreams (Lockwood, 2005). Reward system in the organization can enable only this to happen. Things which get rewarded usually tend to be done well. Rewarding achievement of the team can serve as inspiration and promotion of the team work.

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