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The supervisors within the supermarket should have full knowledge of the products within the departments, be able to train staff, delegate tasks to other members of the team and cover other staffs duties as and when required. As most supervisors are promoted internally and from previous lower end roles, the supervisors would and should be trained on various different duties and departments.

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Supervisors can either run a certain department or supervise the entire store depending on the size of the store. Supervisors will need to be on hand as and when needed and be able to solve any problems and queries whenever necessary. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the effective running of the staff and operations within the supermarket, reporting any problems and liaising with department heads to ensure the working progress is running smoothly.

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The increase in the number of supermarkets opening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, have resulted in the need for more staff including supervisors as well. Although most of the supervisor roles are promoted internally, people with previous supervising skills and experience can also apply by applying to the company’s website or in store.

Roles 1. Trains, schedules, monitors, evaluate and provide direction to store Staff and volunteers; complete timesheets and attendance records. They also promote the store by performing duties such as placing advertisements in newspapers, on radio and television and attending trade shows. Purchases products for sale and purchases supplies. Receives product donations and prepares them for display in the store according to established policies by performing duties such as sorting, pricing, folding, hanging and maintaining related records.

2. Maintains or changes product displays including those required for periodic sale events. Performs product inventory in accordance with established policies and maintains related records. Greets and assists customers with product selection. They can handles cash and receipts for the sale of merchandise by performing duties such as counting the float, balancing cash, providing change, sorting Securing cash. Prepares and makes bank deposits; maintains financial records such as the daily journal.

3. Opens and closes the store by performing duties such as placing and removing signage, opening and closing tills, unlocking and securing the store. They provide information about the retail store and service to members of the public in person and over the phone. They also maintain the cleanliness of the store by ensuring that maintenance duties are completed and by performing duties such as cleaning windows, sweeping floors and dusting product shelves as required.


Other Sainsbury employees such as sales assistants for example have; lower levels of authority compared to supervisors and managers, and their work is usually routine. For instance, sales assistants working in the bakery department of Sainsbury’s might have to complete the same tasks and work set to them every day, like serving customers, replacing empty trays of food with new, fresh trays, cleaning their work area, and improving excellent customer service.

Despite, having lower levels of authority Sainsbury’s operational and support staff still has many roles and responsibilities with their jobs. A sales assistants who works at the checkouts at Sainsbury’s would be a good example as they would have toIf employees with these jobs do have any problems or issues they are advised to inform their supervisor first however, if the problems elevates or is classed as important then the employee will then see the appropriate manager e.g. the store manager at that particular Sainsbury’s store.

Although employees at this level at Sainsbury’s have to be able to make good decisions associated with their work, decision making for hem is actually classes at a low level due to their level of authority. Problems – solving is usually bases on as a sales assistant at the checkout to refund or exchange a product for them from a store, however , if any issues arise then sales assistant will have to notify their supervisor who has more authority to make decisions.

Support staff within Sainsbury’s provides the specialist service to staff at all levels in the organisation. Two examples of these support roles include information technology support and administration and secretarial support which are two important areas of work within Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s operational and support staff, despite being at the bottom of the chain of command within the organisation, still has a considerably large amount of roles and responsibilities. Their work is significant to the company and is valued greatly as without them Sainsbury’s would not be able to operate efficiently. They report to their supervisors and managers who set them their targets, goals and work.

Customer Service

The first duty of the Sainsbury employee is to be friendly and provide excellent customer service. This service extends beyond just the checkout line. While store often has a customer service desk, many patrons will choose to locate a cashier or any other member of the staff to get help with their shopping experience. This often includes helping customers find specific items or answering questions about current sales or promotions. The employees must maintain a friendly behaviour while providing whatever help the customer might need to ensure they have a positive experience in the store.

Price Checks

Sometimes the grocer does not properly label the items or the bar code scanner may refuse to read a label to determine the price. At other times, a customer may claim that there was a price marked on the shelf that differs from what the register displays. In these instances, the cashier must be able to use the in-store communications to run a price check. This may involve contacting a stock person clearing the problem up.

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