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My partner and I consist of all marketing and financial skills. These skills are vital for increasing the knowledge and are the key to opening new doors to the future of my business. I also need these skills so that I can get a good understanding of the running and expanding of our business, my skills will also help me to make better decisions for my business for instance, making better use of financing and reinvesting in my business.

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Although once the business has expanded the business will need a book keeper as they provide financial support to small to medium sized businesses. The book keeper will keep track of all the revenue and all the costs of the business, the book keeper will also have to keep records of the entire payroll and do the accounting for all stock. The book keeper will at least have to attain NVQ Levels 2, 3 and 4 and produce performance criteria to show previous experience as a high quality book keeper will only be employed as we do not want an inexperienced book keeper as they may not keep track efficiently of all the costs.

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Recruitment of Employees The four most popular ways of recruiting externally are: Job centres – These are paid for by the government and are responsible for helping the unemployed find jobs or get training. They also provide a service for businesses needing to advertise a vacancy and are generally free to use.

Job advertisements – Advertisements are the most common form of external recruitment. They can be found in many places (local and national newspapers, notice boards, recruitment fairs) and should include some important information relating to the job (job title, pay package, location, job description, how to apply-either by CV or application form). Where a business chooses to advertise will depend on the cost of advertising and the coverage needed (i.e. how far away people will consider applying for the job

Recruitment agency – Provides employers with details of suitable candidates for a vacancy and can sometimes be referred to as ‘head-hunters’. They work for a fee and often specialize in particular employment areas e.g. nursing, financial services, teacher recruitment Personal recommendation – Often referred to as ‘word of mouth’ and can be a recommendation from a colleague at work. A full assessment of the candidate is still needed however but potentially it saves on advertising cost.

Any recruitment will be undertaken by the business owners as they will be responsible for any employees within the business. As both the owners have a professional manner and excellent communication skills with the ability to spot appropriate employees that are confident with a positive attitude. Business owners will also be responsible of all the legal aspects and will have to know all the age categories for employment and pay at least the minimum wage to any employees. Every employee will have to be issued with the terms and conditions of the business that will have to be signed and returned to the business owners, which will then confirm the employee agrees with the conditions of employment.

In order for quality control and quality assurance to be maintained I will ensure to provide a good standard of equipment such as blending machines, and employees are of a high standard. If we did ever need to recruit we would use job advertisements as it is cheap and effective as many people look in the newspaper and in shop windows for jobs.

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