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If you do not create a quality product that does not sell you would not be able to survive very long the product must be cheap for the consumer it must be cost sufficient and also most have quality so it lasts so if this fails it would mean the companies objectives would also fail. The human resources side Adams is usually left to each store it is up to them to do the required recruitment and also to provide the training an also to maintain good performance management by watching if they are employing enough staff at the current time or to many, so if they do not get this right the business would not be able to achieve its objectives

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Marketing is done at Head office they decide whether to put a product on sale if its not doing to well or have some sort of offer come with just anything to get it sold. They mainly know what product to advertise based on the performance figures, which they have been sent through Administration Is important because calls queries and enquires have to happen this is more so at head office but is also up to staff at all the branches if the customer service is not there the company would not be able to meet its objectives because of dissatisfied customers the orders would not get through to the stores so that means the products would not be able to be sold so the company would lose money and fall below its objectives.

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Research and development If you don’t do the relevant research on the customer trends then how are you going to know what the customer want at what form with which features i.e. what colour is poplar a materials last longest The connections between the functional areas. If the was no finance department all the other departments will not be able to survive as the will be no money If it weren’t for HR people working on the production process wont have jobs If there’s no finance there’s not going to be enough money to market products do research and development would also not be able to pay for administration.

If it weren’t for the research and development the product would not be what it is and so on… All the functions need one another is one collapse they will all collapse Self Checking Or Inspection Employees monitor and check their own performance and that of the process they are working on against given standards, or should these be subject to outside inspection. By developing a quality culture there should be no need to inspect. In the employees for Adams know the standards and thus can develop the systems to ensure quality is effectively guaranteed. There are a lot to be said for this if people understand the required quality standards they can make sure they are met. Failure to ensure quality would be the responsibility of the manager because they create the quality systems. It is then up to individual staff to implement these systems.

The staffs are the best people to implement the systems because they know what is going well and what is going badly at grass roots level. Involving ground level staff in ensuring quality means they are more motivated because they have a better understanding of the objectives of the organisation they work for. Another major advantage of self-checking is that it is cheaper to carryout. Improvement is continuous process, and you do not have to wait for the problems to come to light at the end of the process. Of course inspection is also important to check standards are being met. However, perhaps the inspection should be just to check quality standards have been implanted effectively.

Adams could use is TQM total quality management the advantage of using TQM is that it encourages everybody working in Adams to think carefully about quality this would mean that efficiency would be improved when working as employees are determined to improve quality this refers to everybody not only the production team. TQM encourages all the employees to get the job right the first time this would save money and time and by achieving these two they would help Adams to make a big profit and save time which will mean the company get more time with their workers this cuts cost and wastage and ensures customer satisfaction so that it is able to achieve its objectives. There is a slight problem to this and that is that TQM only tells employees to think about quality it doesn’t give any specific information telling them what exactly to do.

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