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A person does not setup his or her website with an aim to see it all by himself all day and night. Websites are setup with an aim and even if they are personal websites, there are visitors to the site that come from all parts of the world, and these visitors are more than ‘just required’ for websites that aim to sell a product or a service.

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It is but obvious that when a person has spent money on his website, and has invested in all the products and services he is offering he wants people visiting his website so that he can make potential sales. Even if one person out of 10 visiting the sites makes a purchase or is interested in the product, it would be a beginning because the other 9 people would invariably help with word of mouth publicity and if such a person, trying to sell a product / service is able to get likeminded traffic from twitter and traffic from facebook he would be the best off because this would be targeted traffic with the people visiting the site being possible potential customers as they would be people with an interest in what the website is offering.

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and is at an all-time high. Both these sites have an ever increasing user base and have fan pages and fan followings on various topics of interest. Some of the fan pages that are liked by users on facebook have as many as a million likes. Now if a service provider was to be able to sell to even 1/4th of those providers, he would be considered extremely lucky as that 1/4th would be equal to a million through word of mouth publicity and sharing the information through their friend’s networks.

Social network marketing is getting bigger by the day with many academic institutions offering full chapters on training in Social media marketing. It is a great way to be able to reach out to millions of people in all parts of the world without even leaving your office chair!

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