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In both ‘The Seduction’ and ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ the seducers are devious and conniving. Neither seducer really love their victim, the boy in The Seduction call’s the girl a ‘slag’ and the fairy in La Belle Dame Sans Merci leaves her victim alone to die. Both poems use language that reflects the time it was written. The Seduction’s language is demotic everyday language, ‘about O levels’, whereas the language in La Belle Dame Sans Merci is romanticised older language, such as ‘lily on thy brow’.

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Both of the poems use tools of seduction that reflect the time they where written. In La Belle Dame Sans Merci the Lady uses magic and supernatural foods to seduce the Knight, whereas in The Seduction the boy uses alcohol, which is modern and man made, to seduce the girl.

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The settings of the seductions are different, yet in both the poet’s use nature to create the atmosphere. In La Belle Dame Sans Merci the seduction takes place in quiet deserted countryside. The seduction in The Seduction takes place at the quiet deserted docks. The setting in The seduction is man mase and modern, it is gloomy and dirty, whereas in La Belle Dame Sans Merci the seduction takes place in bright, natural countryside.

In The Seduction the boy is in constant control as he ‘led’ the girl to the docks and ‘brought he more drinks’. In contrast the control in La Belle Dame Sans Merci appears to shift from the Knight to the lady. In both poems the victims have not only been cheated by people they thought loved them, but also by their own ideas of romance. They are both left all alone to deal with the consequences of the seduction’s. The girl is left ‘in the cool locked darkness of her room’ whereas the Knight is left ‘on the cold hillside’. Although these two setting are in completely different environments, the both leave the victims cold and cut off from the rest of the world.

In both poems it is suggested that life is over for the victims. In La Belle Dame Sans Merci the Knight has ‘a lily on thy brow’ which implies he is near death and in The Seduction the girls Childhood is over and she will lose the chance to experience many things that girls not in her situation can.

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