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It can be used as a person’s computer screen-my father uses his television as his computer monitor, and he has stated that it has made it so much easier to do work because he can see everything on a much larger scale, which helps his eyesight. There are numerous positive benefits that the television has had on our society. There are also negative aspects of the television. There have been studies that have linked the television with obesity-after the television was introduced to societies, people were staying inside more often. They were not as active as they once were.

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There have also been links to violence shown on television with the violence that is increasing in adolescents. Like I said before, there are unhealthy habits that have been glorified by television. Many critics say that television programs promote unhealthy body images, which tend to influence youth in our societies today. As stated above, the television can be used as a gaming device-this can be viewed as a hindrance in a way. Kids are too preoccupied with their games to interact with the outside world, their families, and their friends.

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Someone stated that the television is making it harder and harder for pee wee sports to fill their rosters, because the kids are too busy playing their video baseball than to play actual baseball. The television is making it more and more possible for people to remain in their homes, not interacting with society. Television is definitely a common cultural artifact-not just in our society, but across the world. It is everywhere and whether it is used for education, entertainment, or background noise, you can’t deny the fact that it influences the things that we do.

It has helped to shape individuals and societies and will continue to do so in the future. It is interesting that our society talks about how negative the television is and that it is the reason more and more people are affected by obesity, but people seem to need the television. It’s definitely a “can’t live with it, can’t live without it situation. ” The fact that people in today’s culture find television a necessity proves the impact it has had over the past few decades, and I believe the more technology advances, the more the television with continue to impact our culture.

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