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This resource has a great amount of information that deals with leadership. This information is further spread into individual subtopics that are easy to down load. The website is quite fast and down loads easily. It also contains very recent updates of the leadership information. Touching on the content, the site starts by listing the concepts of leadership then shows the relationship of leadership and human behavior. It then moves to important aspects of leadership like motivation, character, time management and change. This is a recommended site because of the ease of using it.

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http://management. about. com/od/leadership/Leadership. htm Leadership This is among the most visited sites in the world and the information that is contained herein is quite accurate and precise. It is good for obtaining overview of topics and research questions. The material that is presented in this site is also very reliable because the authors are screened and only the best materials are allowed overboard. Touching on the contents of the site, it begins with a definition of leadership. It then proceeds to the arena of links whereby many topics are discussed in individual links.

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These topics include problem solving skills, building leadership and leadership qualities among the rest. This is a recommended site because of the precision in presentation. http://www. 1000ventures. com/business_guide/crosscuttings/leadership_main. html Effective leadership This is a very good site for research because it contains an outline of all the concepts that are required in the life of a leader. The materials that are written there are beneficial to any kind of a leader because they are looked at in diversity.

Various respected authors are also included in this site. The updates that are posted are very recent and so reliable to a scholar. The first content in this site touches on the definition of a leader. It then proceeds to explaining seven attributes of a leader and then looks at ten roles of an inspirational leader. On a broad look, the material also gives introduction on ways of becoming an effective CEO. These materials are indeed useful to leaders of whatsoever arena of influence. www. 12manage. com/i_l. html

Leadership models This is a very resourceful site since it contains very accurate and up to date information on leadership. The information is important to leaders of all calibers because it puts forward the various models and theories that are important in leadership. Touching on the content, this material starts with tips of leadership and then explains all the models and theories that are used in leadership. Education and community applications are then touched so that the conceptual application is put forward.

This site is good and should be visited during research because of its good contents. www. infed. org/leadership/traditional_leadership. htm Classical models of managerial leadership The materials that are written there are beneficial to any kind of a leader because they are looked at in diversity. The site is also updated using the most current materials. It begins with definition of leadership and then moves to the explanation of the various models of leadership that are used in business management. This site is recommended especially to the business owners and managers.

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