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Time management is all about managing your time using your tools, skills and knowledge in order to achieve your goals and targets. This class taught me a lot about how to manage my time by strategizing, planning and prioritizing. Time management is basically the management of our own activities within a specific time limit or an available time and how to utilize that time effectively to get the greatest number of benefit from it. From this class I learned that managing your own time really increases your performance levels and saves a lot of your time.

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Moreover, it also prevents you from indulging into confusion due to poor planning and taking inefficient steps. In our daily life managing time is very significant. Time management recommends that a specific goal needs to be set, taking the example of preparing for the examination. The goal of a student is to get good grades, he/she can achieve its goal my managing their time in a proper manner that is by planning first. Make a list of all the chapters that needs to be covered for the exam.

For each chapter the importance should be allocated, priorities assigned to every chapter and deadlines may be set. Now the task of the student would be to complete the entire course and prepare for every chapter following the schedule and complete the entire preparation within the time he/she has before the final examination. If the schedule set is effectively followed then achieving a good grade would be easy. Social responsibility A business besides just making profits also needs to think about the society as a whole.

The decisions which are strategic decisions not only affect the corporation but others as well. For example closing down some plants or discontinuing them may affect the consumers of that area where the plant was located as they would be having no other discounted source than that. I learned the value of social responsibility of a firm to the society and why it is so essential. The chapter 3 in the book which is all about social responsibility taught that honesty is very important may it be in your personal life or in a business field.

For example, when you are selling a product to your customers you should always make use of safety ingredients in that product or if the product is containing any harmful ingredients then your duty is to warn your customers about it or any side affects that a product might contain because the customers trust you for the product they are provided with and are paying you a price asked for it so that makes the sales person responsible for the good he is providing the consumer with.

Besides that social responsibility also teaches us about not spreading any pollution in the society as it may harm lives. Any harmful or poisonous gases that the factories release from any of its machines may be harmful, so it is good to avoid use of such machine that pollutes the environment. Making sure that the employees are working in a comfortable and healthy environment also comes under the heading of social responsibility. Safety at work should be highly considered. The working conditions should be improved and training for employees should be well thought-out.

All these social responsibility helped me understand about how much social responsibility too is very important for a business person as it helps developing or maintaining a good reputation and helps being a better person altogether. Decision Making It is a very essential skill for succeeding in your career and comes under one of the most important leadership skills. If a person can make a well considered decision ten leading your team to success won’t be quite difficult. Decision making is regarded as the mental processes where there is a need to make a selection

It involves the analysis of all the alternatives available. This may result in a cost or a benefit. The next step is then to rank all the alternatives in terms of the level of attractiveness they are to the decision makers. The next step is to just choose the best alternative and check on the priority given to all employees. Sometimes biases tend to creep into our decision making processes, which we need to get rid of as soon as possible. The class has helped me a lot in teaching me the correct technique for making proper decisions and made it a lot easier for me to choose between two equally good alternatives.

Decisions are something we make every day, from what to wear today to what career to choose, everything. Some decisions are easy whereas some are difficult. Sometimes we’re just so confused about which alternative to choose and whether the one we’d choose would be beneficial or not. Listing down all the alternatives, writing their pros and cons, prioritizing them and choosing the best alternative is what this class taught me and now I have no problem in making any kind of a decision.

It helped me learn the techniques that can help me make the best decision possible will all the information that’s available. Leadership techniques A strategic leadership is concerned with utilizing the strategies with the management of the employees. A strategic leader needs to have the potential of convincing the management and bring about a change. They create the structure of the organization; allocate all the resources and the strategic vision to be expressed effectively.

The main aim or say objective of the strategic leader would be to increase the level of strategic productivity. They need to create such an environment that the employees view the goals of the company in context to that of their own jobs. These leaders encourage the employees to use their own idea which bring innovation and help the company to compete with other successful companies in the market. They believe in appreciating the work of the employees and rewarding them for their good performance in order to bring about greater productive results in the future.

A leader helps in innovating new ideas himself and turns those innovations into new products and new technologies. A strategic leader needs to possess great qualities and all of the skills mentioned above. I just realized that I do possess some of these qualities and can work harder to adopt the other qualities and if I want I can one day become a successful strategic leader as I’ve realized that in this class. In my daily life too I use some of my leadership skills to get my work done or solve my problems.

The strategic management class had helped me learn how to just think outside the box. This is something that all strategic leaders do. In my friends group too I lead my group to think innovative and help them realize what they really want in their life and they all follow my instructions and ask me for suggestions. If any problem occurs am the one who mostly brings up a solution to it and everyone agrees to implement it. Communication Communication is basically the transfer of meaning from one person to another.

In strategic management the leaders use different ways of effectively communicating with its sub ordinates. Somewhere direct face to face communication is used and somewhere e-mails are sent. What I learnt from this class about communication is that that in order to motivate your employees and make them feel important a face to face communication would be very important as it helps in understanding the message in a better way and the feedback is received instantly about whether the message has been conveyed or not and whether to see if it’s not being misunderstood.

Even in our daily lives we mostly communicate face to face with people because that makes the other person feel a bit important and helps the sender of the message in knowing whether the message has reached its destination or not. What needs to be kept in mind is that the body language should match up with the message that is being conveyed otherwise there are chances that the message may be misunderstood. Likewise, the tone and pitch of the voice are equally important in a strategic communication.

Conclusion All these five are the things I found very helpful from the class. These are something that can be applied to the personal as well as the professional life. Strategic management as is all about the management of the company’s plan and achieving the goals of the company successfully using all the tools, skills and information available. References Wheelen, T. L. (2010), Strategic management and business policy: achieving sustainability. Edition: 12th

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