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In a lay man’s language, quality can be associated either to a less or more mediocrity. It can mean an exceptional scale of excellence and distinction or “the lack of. ” Most companies set their own standards for quality where this quality is established so that specific concerns in different sectors will be addressed. There’s no question on any company’s pure intentions on quality as these are grandly expressed in every mission, vision, goal and objectives of a certain organization.

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All of which are for the quality formation which is geared up to compete with the quality of the competitor’s outputs and other challenges of a foreseen future of a world in constant wrestle with competition. Further, the question should answer if the production of a certain good or services calls for a toast to a successful moving career. For a service industry like a hotel, its inevitable that complaints will come in at any time of the day. This complains could vary depending on the personality of the customer and the gravity of the complaint that the customer has.

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In the course of all these complaints, recovery system has to follow in order to maintain a good relationship with the clients. However, only few companies are implementing such kind of system. One reason could be an inefficient information drive or ineffective customer service training among employees. Noe Suites’ plan of expanding their employees’ knowledge towards complaint-recovery process through a 3-hour session could be a key to provide long-term good relationship with the clients. The effectivity of this session, however, would depend on the output that is produced.

Since this session holds only for 3 hours, the probability of capturing all the items presented would be low. Thus, there’s no guarantee that all participants will be able to follow what’s being presented from the session. Moreover, in order to test whether the participants understand the presentation or not, I would recommend a 15-minute group activity wherein all the participants are obliged to join. This activity would require all groups to re-enact a certain scenario (related with service, of course) and present solutions afterwards.

In this way, the speaker of the session will be able to identify if the participants know very well the purpose of the session. So basically, Quality in the service sector is very dependent on the customer care approach of the front line agents or the customer facing people of the company. That is why it is very fundamental for a customer service organization to coach and constantly train these representatives through the customer satisfaction surveys and feedbacks.

The idea of having trainees bring an example of customer problem could help run the session effectively. In such way, the speaker will be able to combine all complaints and proposed some solutions later on. The most progressive view on this is that the session can not only be able to gather problems, but also to understand each of the complaints and the different personalities of the customers. This can help assess the participatory management to ensure customer satisfaction.

That is, despite of whether the experience or the service received is good, so-so or bad, a customer’s overall satisfaction will influence what the company provides. The process should be able to build trust, confidence and loyalty from the customers by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

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