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A feasibility study is a detailed investigation into the viability of an idea, so that informed decisions can be made. It will form the basis of the business plan, which sets out specific details of the proposal, including management, marketing, finance, staffing and methods of evaluation. The idea that we had to follow was to organise an event for who ever within the school. It started of by brain storming 10 ideas which we thought of from scratch which could be a possible event to organise wither it was feasible or not.

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When we had chose 10 random ideas we then sat down and talked about the strengths and weaknesses to these ideas. The 6th Year meal for upper sixths either bringing caters into school, going out to a restaurant or hiring a function room would be an interesting one for people to attend. Their also could be a charity ballot at it along with a guess speaker maybe a previous teacher who was liked much by all staff and pupils. The weaknesses could be that when we would have the dinner coursework deadlines are coming close so they need to be put first.

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It would also be a hard event to organise along with it working out very expensive. A School disco for all of the school years and organise a DJ to come and play. When ever there is a disco organised by the school at Christmas or end of school for the summer they seem to be very successful and they are very cheap and easy to run and organise. The only weakness is that the school has already had a disco in this school year and there is likely to be another one before school finishes for summer. A Trip to the Giant’s Causeway for the 5th years.

This could be quite boring for people who are not interested in the history or Northern Ireland and also it is far away so it would take some time to get there but on the other hand it gives the pupils a chance to see some of Northern Irelands land marks. A Football tournament for all the girls or boys who play football in school, or who ever wants to join in. This would be a popular event with both boys and girls throughout the school and it would be especially easy to organise but girls may feel intimated and might not want to take part.

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