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The location advisor for BMW has also taken into the account the suppliers, as they would need to bring and take goods. As the links near by the accessibility for the suppliers would be good and also time keeping as there four to five different routes to reach the showroom area. Locally there would not be many problems as there is a time limit for vehicles to pass on a certain time would not bring many disturbances to BMW.

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As they would order vehicles, parts so it wouldn’t make it difficult for the company for suppliers to know what day they would need the products. Also taking into account that some of the suppliers are companies in and around the city centre who are licensed to make BMW car/motorbike parts. Supplier’s accessibility has been taken into account, as they would play a part in the BMW activity not much directly but to supply all wanted goods and help keep the BMW at its high. By this I am implementing that customers would not be very happy if they were told that their chosen vehicle would arrive on a certain date but has not because of being held up in traffic as this would show poor qualities the BMW offer. But more importantly they are a private limited company who offer services to the public and it would not be very professional not being able to supply demands on time.

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The main objective for the BMW showroom is to sell either the complete range of BMW cars & parts or the range of motorcycles. They also provide after sales services to their customers such as vehicle or motorcycle insurance, bodywork guarantees and also upgrades from old models. They also advertise on local radio stations, newspapers and even on the news. They’re also activities that take part on a daily basis both external and internal that you will read about later on. As in America most businesses situate in retail parks this concept in the last 10 years has become very popular in UK.

Trends indicate a slump from city centre shopping to retail parks. This could be because businesses find that theirs less major competition whereas in the city centre they would not only have to compete with high street names but also small traders. So competition would be limited meaning less reductions needed to be made ending in more profit annually. It would be easier to gain planning permissions rather than in the city centre but more importantly the actual start up and running cost will be minimal compared to city centre locations.

Many businesses are acknowledging the positive points of placing a outlet near or in retail parks as many customers prefer to visit somewhere closer to home, less hassle for travelling to one shop to another and basically its not as time consuming for customers to visit retail parks. That is one of the numerous reasons of why BMW have placed their showroom near retail parks as this would not only help them gain customers who are travelling from and back from the city centre but also retail park customers.

CO-OP I have chosen to look at one particular co-operative retail shop to investigate what reasons why Co-op have chosen to locate themselves in a particular area. I heave decided to look into the local Co-op retail shop near my house on Evington Road and to determine the what reasons the Co-operative location group have chosen this spot from many other locations.


When a company locates a shop in areas they take into account the customers and also workers. A regular bus service runs across Evington road so it would be easy for customers who live quite far to catch a bus home. This could be a reason that may have been taken into account and people on the bus will also see the Co-op signs also giving the shop a source of advertising. There is also a taxi firm nearby so it has other than I theme of transport for customers who live further down or up the road. Also Co-op managing director has thought about the future success of Co-op and does know about new flats being built on the road. This will help bring in, more customers on a daily basis. The customers in the area are families and university students. So both types of customers will spend much money in the shop and as the there is not any direct competition they would need to travel far to buy the same goods as in Co-op.


Other factors that play apart in location will be the customers but Co-op has located the shop near population centres. As you can see from the map it has easy access for all people who live in both sides of Evington road and it is also situated near other important services as banks and post office. Services like these are very busy everyday and having Co-op in this area will help bring in more customers, as this is a very busy road day and late at night. This could have also been why it’s situated in this area, as it will be busy all day. Competition is also low in the area so management and development team would have taken into judgement of competition level. This would be low with rivals because of the location and stops any direct competition. This gives Co-op direct ‘monopoly’ so they control the area base.


It is vital to gain all vital statistics towards how well customers are doing in a particular area, as this would help the location advisor to know how well each area is doing. COST OF SITE The cost site would be less expensive than in the city centre and that would make Co-op into direct competition with rivals and that would mean more money being used to stay above rivals. Would not be as expensive as it is situated near community housing. The shop is not a very big shop so the prices would also be low but it would be expensive because of the area it is in. as this road is really busy has various different shops. The running cost of insurance will not be high because of the situated area like if it was in the city centre that would increase insurance and expansion costs.


The labour would not be hard to find as it is situated near the local community so finding employees would not be a hard problem. This could be a reason to which Co-op had taken into account so that punctuality would be no problem, as this could play apart in less stock being put onto shelves. So it would be easy for workers to travel to work everyday and would stop much hassle what retail companies would like to ignore. The productivity level will be high, no excuses for being late in traffic. As Co-op core objective for the community is to help them out the team have seen the employment rate in the area and are helping people for every ethnic background to earn a living e.g. help single mothers or students. So overall it helps the society.


Permission for the chosen site would not be hard to gain, as the area has not got an efficient supermarket so permission would not be difficult. But also taking into account the huge publicity that Co-op attracts in communities would not cause problems for the group as they help rural communities. As the shop is not very big I would not cause many problems with deliveries as all deliveries are done in the morning when traffic is at a minimal. But they had terms and conditions set by the permission consultant to what times they can receive deliveries. But this would not be important as the shop is not very big and many daily needs as bread and milk will be serviced by near by businesses.


Suppliers would have easy access to the shop, as they would have nearby suppliers for everyday needed products as bread and milk. So it would not be a problem for local suppliers to have easy access e.g. Walkers crisp, Warburtons. So basically it would be for easy reach for deliveries. So it would not really be a problem for Co-op for needing much stock each day, as it is not that big and everyday needed material will be from nearby sectors. It would be easy accessible for near by suppliers (deliveries) this will enable stock to arrive on time so that the customer has a variety of stock to choose from. This will also allow deliveries to be made on time without any hassle of the city centre traffic.


The activities for Co-op are to sell products and services to the public. The products differ from vegetables to washing powder. They offer essential goods for everyone and for the home. They offer an Internet shopping service to customers of the elderly or people who are very busy and not have much time to go shopping. They also have an in store customer service point to help customers with unwanted goods and any faults.

I am not sure on the estimated length of time that the outlet has been located where it is years ago. But from asking many individuals I have been told it has been they’re for quite some time. This has over the years helped Co-op become part of the community and in the early days customers would use local stores as only option available. Many people many years ago never owned a car so it would not have been easy for them so travel to other shopping locations such as in city centre.

Stakeholders would have a keen interest on how well a business performs. This maybe when a customer has brought a product or service. This is much different from a shareholder, as they would have a share in the business instead of buying a good or service. The term stake in business terms implements his inters in the business. It is also important to know that stakeholders may also influence the business, as they might not like on how a business is being ran.

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