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It was a few days before everyone was going to be going off to their placements for work experience. I had butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going to a new environment, with new people. I was worried but excited at the same time. Monday came and I woke up extra early as not to be late for my first day at Ruislip Garden’s Primary School. As it was my first day my mum gave me a lift. A thousand things were going through my mind at this time. I was trying to imagine what it would be like and how I should act.

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As we pulled up my stomach was turning and I just wanted to get my mum to turn around and go back home, but I didn’t let my mind take over the matter and I got out of the car and pressed the buzzer. I was trembling with fear and I felt like I had transformed instantly from a young lady to a little child again. I heard a voice from the buzzer say, ‘Can I help you? ‘ and I knew that this was it, my chance to show how mature and hardworking I can be. I replied with a shaky voice ‘I am here for work experience’ and then the doors unlocked and I entered the school.

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I had a quick glance around and my first impressions were that it seemed like a nice, bright school. I started to feel less nervous as I approached the office. A nice lady then instructed me that every morning I would have to sign in as a fire precaution. After signing in I was allocated to my room where I was going t be for my next two weeks of work experience. I was very anxious to find out what the pupils and the teacher were going to be like. It was now eight thirty and I could hear the laughter and screams of the children outside.

Just then I heard footsteps and it was the teacher that I was going to be working with, Miss. Carter. After we had both introduced ourselves it was time for the children to come in. I can still now remember their faces as they walked in in astonishment wondering who I was and why I was there. After they had all settled down onto the carpet Miss. Carter introduced me to them. As the day went on the children became more confident and started asking more questions, as did i. After lunch I entered the classroom to many smiles and many hello’s. I, however, was still trying to remember their names.

At last, I thought that I had finally got the hang of it, Anya, Pinali, Aaliya, Rebecca, Britney, Stephanie, Chloe, Katie. Sheehan, Katie. Shaw, Jaryd, Ben, Michael, Nathan, Ross and Daryl. On the second day the children and I seemed to be a lot more confident. Although there were two little children who were not so easy to talk to. They were Jaryd from Africa who could not speak much English and Rebecca who just did not like to talk much. By the end I knew the personality of each child. I knew that Stephanie who liked to be known as Steph was the popular fashionable one who everybody looked up to.

I also knew that Ross was the leader of the boys and all the boys copied what he said and did. After the week was done I felt tired and exhausted but had finally adjusted to the new routine. I had been set many tasks and succeeded better in some than others. The tasks I was set included helping the children with their work or cutting out letters for the display which would sometimes be quite boring but looked nice. The next week I was looking forwards to returning back to the children’s smiley faces. Unfortunately, however, I could not attend on Monday.

On Tuesday I woke up nice and early and went and caught the bus to Ruislip Garden’s. I walked in and signed in as usual and went to my normal class 7. I was asked on many occasions by all the children as to where I had been. I simply replied that I had been at home ill, as I did not want to shock or excite them with the truth that I had been robbed. Wednesday came and today was going to be a little different. Today we were going on a nature walk after lunch for last period. Lunchtime came and went and was all getting ready and being put into groups.

Some parents also came along to be group leaders. After ten minutes of sorting everything out we were off. The sun was shining and it was a lovely warm summer’s day. We walked out the gates and down road to the shops. We then crossed the road and walked up towards Ruislip Garden’s station. We then went into the station so that the children could have a look around. After we came out the station we walked through a path that had flowers and trees surrounding us. The path then led us to the park and the children were all very excited and they all ran in the park and started playing.

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