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The wives of both the characters also affect the main character greatly. In Young Goodman Brown, Goodman Brown is deeply in love with his wife, Faith. He starts the story writing about how he will miss his wife deeply, even though he is only going away for a night. He also constantly keeps thinking about her well being as the story progresses. When he is quietly watching the evil staging as it progresses, he can’t believe it when he sees his wife there as well.

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The dream ends when he screams out his wife’s name and tells her to resist evil. Since returning to town the next morning however, he never loved his wife as he did before he saw her in that ceremony in the forest. The reason for a change of heart was because he in a way had lost respect for her, knowing that she was part of evil. The author also states that the day Goodman dies was a gloomy day because Goodman Brown thought that he would go to heaven and his wife Faith would go to hell and they would never see each other again.

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On the other hand, Walter Mitty from the very beginning gave us an impression that his wife was a very possessive woman. She would always give him orders and schedule Walter’s day according to her. Having no freedom to do his own things, Walter Mitty began to enjoy his life by daydreaming to escape reality. It was also very amusing to see that his wife was usually the one that abruptly ended his dreams, showing that she also had some control of him when he wasn’t living reality.

Where as in Young Goodman Brown where Goodman loved his wife dearly and was very depressed to see that she had crossed to evil, Walter Mitty never really told the readers of any kind of love he had for his wife, and instead portrayed her as a dominating woman that never gave him his space. What is sad in both the stories is how both wives leave their husbands feeling very unhappy bye the end of the story. After seeing Faith at the ceremony, Goodman Browns is never happy and is sad that he will never see his wife in heaven with him.

Walter Mitty is sad as well, because his wife is very dominating and never gives him his own needed space and let him live his own life according to his own agenda. The atmosphere of both stories is very contrasting as well. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a very humorous read, amusing the readers about his ability of hallucinate about things after something as small as passing a hospital or glancing at a court case update on the front page of a newspaper.

Contrary to it, Young Goodman Brown is a very serious read informing us readers about its religious connections. The setting of the story is also in a good puritan society where people are scared to sin. It is also a more complex read since it has a lot of symbolism, especially of things such as the devil In conclusion, in both stories, the main characters hallucinate, but in different ways.

The most important distinction is that Walter knows that he has a problem of day dreaming where as Goodman never knew if what he witnessed in the forest was real of not. They both also had wives, which played major roles in the stories as how they affected their husbands. Both stories also contrasted sharply on the atmosphere, one being very humorous to the audience as one being very serious, making many religious connections.

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